SS-45 Lawless

CHARLEE CHASE VS. AMBER LYNN BACH: A new girl has come to town and she is looking for some action. "Wicked" Amber Lynn Bach is a nasty cat fighter that has joined the Pro-Am Circuit. This little blonde is tough and ruthless as they come. She maybe small but is not afraid of anyone. The beautiful blonde is know for her unsavory tactics against her opponents and has been warned!! She may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew talking smack about WWZ champion Charlee Chase. This buxom bombshell is no one to mess with. Charlee has changed her look a bit since her last title defense. She has taken on the roll of Champion and is not going to give it up anytime soon. This is a non-title match one fall all regular rules apply. Amber is pretty confident about taking down her bigger opponent. Her evil smirk during her interview gave clue this was not going to be a clean match. "America’s Girl" Champion Charlee Chase is a clean wrestler, but she can get down and dirty if she has to. Charlee felt she would have no problem out wrestling her smaller opponent. Before the match the referee warned both women, but it didn’t do much good. "Wicked" Amber started breaking the rules as soon as the bell sounded. Charlee was a bit overwhelmed as the blonde kept up a relentless attack of illegal ways. The referee constantly trying to count amber out if she didn’t break her illegal moves. Charlee looks unbelievably sexy in her vulnerable state as the smaller blonde surprises Charlee with her strength and skills. I don’t think Charlee expected this quite so soon. Amber works fast trying to wear down the Champion. She goes for several pins trying to end the match early, but Charlee was not going to let that happen. She didn’t become Champion for nothing as she kicks out of several attempts. Amber and the referee scream at each other as Amber acts innocent to her actions. Amber sets up the big Champion and gives her a huge clothesline. Charlee goes down and it looks like the match is all over. Somehow she musters up enough strength to kick out just in time. Amber frustrated goes for another big move and hits Charlee. What happens next will amaze you as Charlee just about had enough of this small busty blonde. before Amber knew what hit her Charlee had the big busted blonde on the mat rolling around in pain. Both of these women look sexier than ever in this brutal fast pace match. Charlee repays Amber for all her illegal tactics and some. Don’t miss this great match as it oozes some of the sexiest action ever in a match. You will definitely be happy with this one… Don’t miss it!!!

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